Guarantee FAQ

Are your collars indestructible?
We wish they were indestructible, but unfortunately they are not. Our polyester webbing is more abrasion resistant than the nylon webbing other companies use, which is basically the same as our basic line of products. Does this mean they can't be damaged? Quite to the contrary, but we will replace collars that have manufacturer defects that cause failure. While some Moose Pet Wear retailers might lend you a hand, we prefer to hasten the process by fixing it for you directly. Replacement and repaired collars go out via US Mail as soon as possible after the damaged item has been received.  Please remember to include a copy of your receipt in the return so we can verify that it falls under the one year warranty.

What does the Guarantee cover?
The Deluxe, Premier, and Artisan lines of collars are all covered for failure. We unfortunately can't cover outgrown collars, lost collars, dirty or dingy collars, or scratched up or dinged hardware. We also won't cover products that are intentionally abused or damaged. If you have a situation where you feel that our collar has failed to perform as it should send an email to [email protected] and we will do our best to remedy the issue.

I need a replacement, but I would like to replace it with something a little different than what I had. Will you do that for me?
It depends. A request for a different pattern in the same width, size, and product and line can usually be accommodated. Just leave a note with the pattern number and a quick message letting us know what you want us to do. Asking for a higher quality product with a higher retail cost is more complicated, but not out of the question. Let us work with you and your retailer to get you taken care of. Send us am email to [email protected] with what you would like to exchange for along with your retailers store name and we will see what we can work out with you.

Your patterns options have changed and I need a replacement for a pattern that I don't see on your web site anymore.
Not a problem at all! We keep a digital copy of each pattern we use for Moose Pet Wear indefinitely, and we can print as little as one collars worth at any time. We also assign each pattern a pattern number that is always used to identify that pattern. If you don't have access to that number you can email us at [email protected] with a description and we will try to find it for you.

If the pattern is not one we have ever carried, we can work with you on that as well, but this is where things get tricky. We will have to work with you and your retailer together to make sure that everything is squared away. There may be charges applied to custom webbing patterns being used.