MOOSE PET WEAR is perhaps the only leash and collar manufacturer in the US to allow you to create your own design or color and have "no minimum" runs produced. It is one of many special programs that make us unique. Follow the simple guidelines below to get your very own unique pattern, design, branding, or coloring on your products.....

1. The first step is to contact us regarding the feasibility of your project. We have very few restrictions and are open to most any idea.

2. If your design involves proprietary art or licensed content (such as NCAA, NFL, corporate representations, etc), we must have a copy of your current licensing agreement on file before we can even print samples.

3. Your design should be repeatable. That means that we need a design of 1 foot in length that will arrange back to front to print as a continuous pattern.

4. Images, designs, and text should be at 300 dpi and in PDF, jpeg, or gif format.

5. Bleeds are necessary, so contact us regarding actual dimensions for your project's sized webbing.

6. For unique designs or concepts, set-up fees apply. However, the more work you put into your design, the lower the set-up fee will be. We typically charge a one time $35 set-up fee per pattern which includes a sample proof of up to 36" and the first hour of graphic design. If you simply want a variation of one of our in-house designs, set-up charges can be reduced to as low as $5. After the first hour of graphic design we charge only an additional $35/hour.

7. Special terms apply to designs created by Moose Pet Wear. Call or e-mail for a full set of terms. There you have it. Easy, pretty darned quick, and uniquely yours. Whether you want a single leash for a special show, or a production run of webbing for your latest and greatest pet product, let Moose Pet Wear help you get the dazzling results you dream of.


Preparing your files

When preparing your artwork file to be printed with us, these procedures help us streamline the process. In order to provide the highest quality sublimated products, high resolution files are required for submission. All art utilizing fonts, logos, graphics and images should be submitted in original working file (PSD, PDF, TIFF, EPS, AI), not finished files such as (JPEG, GIF, PNG). Although finished files are still useable, they are not editable.

File Preparation and Submission:

1. Include a hard copy layout.

2. A complete set of written instructions with Font names. If we don’t have your font, you will need to provide it or name an alternative font.

3. Your contact information.

4. Color references or a physical copy of all the colors that require custom color matching.

5. The printed dimensions you require.

A word of advice: Back up your files and keep a copy, do not submit us your only copy.

Vector Artwork Setup:

1. All vector based artwork will need to have all fonts created as outlines.

2. All vector based artwork will need to have all images embedded into the file.

3. Do not include additional fonts or linked images as each design should be submitted as one composite file.

4. Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Adobe Illustrator (.eps), or PNG are preferred.

Bitmap Artwork Setup:

1. All traditional textile designs that require spot color matching should be submitted as separate files.

2. Each separated file should fit together properly and repeat seamlessly in each direction. If a design has been separated for the conventional printing, please provide separated files that include all traps and fall-ons. Please note there is an extra charge for modifying and creating a repeat.

3. High resolution files are preferred (150 DPI – 300 DPI) for artwork at full scale.

4. Tiff (.tif) files are preferred.

Graphic and File Compression Software Utilized:

· Adobe Photoshop

· Adobe Illustrator

· Adobe Acrobat

· Winzip

Media Accepted:

· File attached by email.

· CD & DVD

· USB Flash Drive

If you have any questions regarding artwork guidelines and setup, please contact [email protected]